Small business grows better through connection!

Welcome to PinPoint Networking! We welcome small business owners and/or representatives to come have a virtual chat with us. Our world is full of industrious, visionary, creative, analytical, intelligent, introverted, extroverted, intuitive, hypnotic, meditative, realist, medical/health minded, restorative, and statistical entrepreneurs. We bring these people together to enable small business growth, connection, and communication. Hope to see you for a coffee or cocktail soon. Our best goes out to you!


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Have Coffee With Us!

Either from your favorite coffee shop or from your living room, join our coffee meeting, virtually. Start your day with like-minded small business people who want to hear about you! Join Us!


Join Us For A Drink!

Ready to embrace 'after work' in the pub? Home deciding what to cook for dinner? Unwind with us, virtually. We'd love to hear about your biz, we'd even like to see the busyness of the brewery you are at! Finish your day with some small business chat. Join Us.

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Regional Networking

Is finding an ongoing, traditional regional networking family more your style? The concept of industry/professional category exclusive meetings generates trust, referrals, and ultimately sales. Come see why our groups are more connected and successful. We invite you to visit. We invite you to start a new group. 

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