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It's hard to reach people, consumers, or an audience without human connection. Sitting behind the computer screen may seem like the ultimate place for growing your base, but it can be a void, a black hole, a jungle, an ocean. Julie and Nick have come together to create PinPoint Networking. We are small business owners who understand that small business does not grow by accident or wishful thinking. As much as we always hoped that our family and friends would lift our businesses off the ground we found that we felt more isolated and unknowing of how to get our first clients and ongoing clients. Our journeys are still evolving, but we have found that establishing human connections has had the greatest impact on our growth as business people and on our businesses. We welcome you to our community. Thanks for stopping by!

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PinPoint Networking's mission is to make your small business stand out. Standing out can be in the form of a blog, a networking meeting, a one on one conversation, a broadcast on social media, or connecting you with people who can help your business. We provide a space for communication and marketing boosts to assist your everyday worry about business visibility. Often, being visible to a few supportive people is more profitable than doling out your technological & advertising dollars with little to no effect. We value teamwork, relationship building, charitable giving, and wholeheartedly paying attention to what one another is doing. We also value providing amazing opportunities at a fraction of the cost of your typical networking company. We are non-corporate and value your time, money, and opinions. We want your business to make a splash and we are here to help. 


Our vision is to provide a place for communication, a place to ask for help, a place to find your team that will shout out about your business. We strive to create meaningful & supportive networking opportunities, personal blogs, and social media broadcasts for solopreneurs, freelancers, consultants, and other small business owners. We know there are many places and organizations you can turn to when starting out in business. We hope you will dive in with us. Our successes build on one another. Let's make a splash!