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You're Invited........

You are invited to be featured in a FREE blog. We invite you to tell your small business story. Please answer some or all of the questions below. Add your own questions if they better explain who you are. You are invited to be bold and creative, yet do not disparage any person or company in the process. No scams, no slander, no fundraising (but you can direct to your site), no politics, no religion, keep it clean and not offensive. Please EMAIL your answers and photos.

1. The pandemic changed things for small business people. Do the words 'pivot, transformation, start-up, shift' mean anything to you and your small business? Elaborate if you have gone through any transformations over the past year. Elaborate if the pandemic helped, hurt, or changed the course of your biz.

2. What are your business boundaries? Is your company doing business on a super local (town/city), regional, national, or global level? Please specify.

3. What uniqueness do you bring to your product/service/brand? Tell us who you are and your small business story?

4. Who is a good referral for you? Who are your ideal customers or ideal collaborations? Do you have any positions to fill, jobs, freelance work to offer?

5. Do you want to highlight or bring attention to any small businesses you have made purchases from or done business with over the past year?

6. What have been your most successful ways of promoting yourself/your biz over the past year?

7. How can people reach you? Please provide website and any pertinent social media links, e-commerce pages.

**Please choose which questions, above, you would like to answer. Send questions and answers back to us via EMAIL

**Please attach 1-3 photos (that represent you or your biz) that belong to you or give proper photo credit where due. Please forward all information to our EMAIL.

**PinPoint Networking has the final say as to what information will be included in the blog.

***Thank you for your participation, we will let you know when we have your blog complete.

***We would appreciate you sharing the completed blog on your social media, website, or wherever you share things. You may say something like, 'my business was featured in the PinPoint Press, take a look!

We are looking forward to hearing from you! Julie and Nick


Please contact us with any questions. Here is our EMAIL.