The Frugal Small Business Owner

We've spent a bunch of time and money to be able to bring you these ideas and hacks for FREE!

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Look Sharp and Be Findable!

✅  Website, e-commerce site, social media links! This is all up to you. Sorry, no leads here, but we love building our WIX site!

✅  Electronic business card: Try 

✅  Need emojis (copy and paste)?,,

✅  Need pictures? Your website builder probably has stock images. Otherwise try and and understand their terms of use.

✅  Need graphics and design hacks? Try and WordSwag app.

✅  Find your FREE hashtags! and

✅  Want some quick help with spelling and grammar? Install

Serious Time and Money Savers!!!

Expand Your Knowledge

Someone has already done the work.

Youtube: You can research almost anything you set your mind to. Hint: how to do FB ads effectively.

HubSpot Academy: Learn the basic ins and outs of SEO, digital advertising, content writing, & email marketing.

Semrush Academy: SEO, link building, content marketing.

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Spread the Word

The million dollar question: HOW?

Social media: Can be useful for dropping links and hoping for follows.

Tell your story: People need reasons to shop anywhere other than Amazon. Write a blog about you!

Get published: Check out online publications like Voyage Magazine and Shout Out that publish nice looking, FREE stories about small biz owners.

Email: Start developing your email list. Email remains one of the most affordable ways to spread the word about your biz.

Paid ads: Obviously not free and can get expensive. Facebook still attracts the highest number of social media followers and active users. A good thing to do is learn how to do FB ads if you have an ad budget.

Find Your Team

Find your personal marketing exchange team. Small business runs on word of mouth referrals. Don't skip this step!

Chamber of Commerce Leads Group: This works nicely for referring very local business people within a given community.

BNI: Corporate, but local community referral networks. Fairly high cost to entry and has weekly time requirements, points & attendance protocols, extra trainings, and meeting expenses.

PinPoint Networking: We are new, but offer great options for networking with other small biz people. Meetings will continue to be virtual, because of the ease of connecting beyond your own community. Come to one EVENT or many. Or join with an affordable membership. 

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