Chasing Visibility. The Small Business Plight.

Updated: Mar 8

How can small businesses improve their visibility and sales?

  1. Tell your story.

  2. Be you. Be real.

  3. Find people to connect with who support your efforts.

  4. Build business relationships and strategic connections.

  5. Plan and prioritize your tasks and goals for each day or week. Be flexible.

  6. Be creative: use graphics, infographics, cool pictures, think eye-catching.

  7. Write: use a blog, website, or newsletter to get your messages out.

  8. Speak: give a talk, network, go 'live' or recorded. Tic Tok if you like.

  9. Learn: there are plenty of (free and costly) resources geared toward SEO, content marketing, social media, and digital marketing.

  10. Diversify: perhaps earn a new certification or sub specialty, then brag about it.

The small business owner really needs to be a jack of all trades. The small business owner has a dream of creating monetary self sufficiency while not being employed by a larger corporate entity. The small business owner usually has a talent, or a concept, or a professional certification that should not fail. Truth is, many do. The talent, concept, or certification is just not enough to attain visibility and viability of business practices. For the past 15-17 years we truly have been living in the internet age. I just learned that this era is known as Web 2.0. It is the era of communication and knowledge consumption attained through our electronic devices. We carry computer technology around with us almost every moment of the day. We communicate, advertise, argue, scam, uplift, and compete with one another through electronic means. Long gone are the days of looking for a plumber in the yellow pages.

Here's the deal. There are 10's of millions of solopreneurs, consultants, shop owners, and freelancers. We are the ones who once may have paid for a yellow pages listing and called our advertising DONE. Presently, there are over 1.6 trillion websites. Tech people are more than happy to tell us that we can and should try to gain attention and attraction to our brand by tackling algorithms and search engine optimization (SEO), so that our websites turn up on page one of a Google search. Our current intuition tells us that this is largely unattainable for solo business people. The time and cost expenditures are prohibitive. This is why we maintain a presence on social media. It is a place where we can talk about our businesses, cost effectively and with little planning. We can promote our businesses to 'friends and followers' as often as we like, for free. You can't beat free when you are running a business. We've heard it over and over again, 'I wouldn't be on social media, if I wasn't trying to grow my business.'

In the end, we are all direct marketers of our businesses. This means we must find various ways to promote, connect, and form strategic alliances. We must not be afraid to tell our story. Everyone has a story. The process may be slow, but eventually, with trust and connection, small business can bloom. We have seen it happen many times over. With millions of people selling the same products and/or services, competition is fierce. Believe in yourself and know that you are where you are because of everything in your life that has led you to this place. Own it.

PinPoint Networking can help you find your voice, meet new connections, and expand your reach. We firmly believe that you should ditch some social media scrolling time and join us for a coffee or cocktail chat. We are happy to discuss how we can help expand your reach, affordably. We are a small business working for small businesses. We want you to glow.

BONUS: These are small business owners that we have connected with through our networking meetings. If you need any of theses products or services or wish to make business connections with them, let them know you found them through this blog! This is also a technique called backlinking. Our research tells us this is good for SEO purposes for the companies we backlink to! Go networking! Go small business friends! Shine!

Small Business Services:

Career Coaching, Career Transitions: Transitions Coaching Services

Business Implementation (getting you un-stuck) Services: Positively Funded

Graphic Design Services: Youtz Design

Networking Meetings & Blogs: PinPoint Networking!

Skin Care, Wellness, Health, Nutrition, Relationship Services (virtual and in-person):

Nutrition & Fitness: Nutri-Physique, LLC

Energy, Vibration, Wellness: Harmonic Egg of Boulder County

Chiropractic and Hormone Balance: Vital Family Chiropractic

Empowered Relationship Coach: Tisha Lin

Skin Care: Rodan and Fields, Karen R.

Wellness Products through Membership shopping (Melaleuca): Sharon M.

Colorado based, Real Estate, Property Management, Home Inspections, Roofing & Exteriors, Mortgages, and Property Insurance Services:

Residential Real Estate: Nicholas Altomare, eXp Realty

Frontier Property Management

Rest Assured Home Inspections, LLC

Cillesen Construction

Summit Mortgage Corporation: Erika Bergstrom

American Family Insurance: Kendra Hurtado Agency

Financial, Life, and Health Insurance Services:

Edward Jones Investing: Cira Forbes

Five Rings Financial and Living Benefits: Kristin Lavelle

HealthMarkets (Medicare, small business, personal): Sharon Hastings, multiple states

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