MLM Companies Get A Bad Reputation, Yet We Are All Swimming With The Sharks!

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You've heard it time and time again. Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) companies are predatory by design and very few people make money selling for these companies. I will not dispute that statement but it also doesn't cause me to lose sleep at night. I know plenty of people that work for MLM companies and they seem genuinely enthusiastic about the products they sell. Let me whisper something to you....

All small businesses have a high chance of failure!

Sorry to be the one to tell you that. Yes, history tells us that the small business failure rate is 20% in the first year and 50% in the first five years. Statistics also tell us that 50% of MLM sellers will drop out in the first year and that 95% will drop out in 10 years. I've also seen the depressing statistic - 90% of all new e-commerce businesses will fail in their first 120 days. Another grim stat is that 80% of real estate agents will fail or quit in the first year and 85-90% will leave in the first 5 years.

All small businesses have a high chance of failure!

We live in a gig economy. Everybody is trying to find their path to financial freedom. Everybody is selling something. Sharks and prey are everywhere.

To those who say "watch out and stay clear of the MLM salespeople!" Why exactly? You don't want someone trying to sell you something you don't need. Ok. Every time you scroll Facebook or Instagram or even open your email 8 million people are immediately trying to sell you something. But ok. Or Maybe you don't want to get pulled into the network as a salesperson, a downline lackey. Ok. Just say no, not interested. The MLM salespeople I have encountered are not conniving or lazy people. Yes, they want everyone to buy something. If they know you, they bring a guilt factor. They want to be one of the few to make a living selling something they believe in or not believe in. It's called a job, a career, and a profession.

Some of the criticisms surrounding MLM companies:

*They prey on women, particularly stay-at-home-moms, immigrants, and military wives.

*There is usually a cost to buy-in to the company to become a sales rep.

*The sales people or independent consultants must approach everyone in their lives as potential clients.

*The salespeople actively recruit people to sell the products, as well.

*They promise the dream of financial independence and prosperity, yet attaining that stability and glory is attained by only a very small percentage.

*Recruits are salespeople not entrepreneurs, idea, or product creators.


All small businesses have a high chance of failure!

If you like sales and want to control the hours you work, joining an MLM is probably the most cost-effective way to start up a profession. Once you have taken the plunge, you are just like the tens of millions of other people in the U.S. who identify with being a solopreneur, a freelancer, or a consultant. You have a product to sell and you must make contacts and build business relationships. You must find people to help you in your journey. You have likely invested far less money in education, start up fees, and business expenses than other professionals (i.e. real estate agents, mortgage brokers, financial planners, insurance agents) at the networking table, but that's ok. That really might be one of the smartest ways to go about being your own boss. I've steered more than a few people away from attaining expensive graduate degrees when the financial investment far surpasses the career monetary reality. There might just be a financial reason chiropractors want you to keep appointments for a lifetime. Money makes the world go round. I'd be surprised to find any profession that did not have elements of predatory practices to keep a competitive advantage.

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