What On Earth Is A Harmonic Egg?

Updated: Mar 8

We got a chance to speak with Mary Hastings and she told us all about the Harmonic Egg of Boulder County, located in Louisville, CO.

Mary Hastings

Owner of the Harmonic Egg of Boulder County


In person and virtual sessions available.



1. Tell us a little something about you. I am very interested in health and wellness for the mind, body and soul. I have certifications in Herbalism, Nutrition, Energy Medicine and Coaching - all attained with the goal of healing myself and to help others heal.

2. Most people we encounter are on their second or third career. Who were you before who you are today? My college degree was in Psychology and I worked with emotionally disturbed children in a group home setting. Then I switched tracks and became a CPA and practiced Tax Accounting for over 35 years.

3. Did the pandemic change the course of your business? Elaborate. I opened the Harmonic Egg of Boulder County in July 2020, during the pandemic. Business has been slower with the pandemic, but I am hoping that once people feel more comfortable, they will come and experience the Egg.

4. Tell us everything you want us to know about your business. The Harmonic Egg is a wooden chamber designed to create a unique environment for deep relaxation and internal balance. As vibration builds within the chamber, it connects with the participants autonomic nervous system to allow the natural healing of mind, body and soul.

5. Tell us who your influencers and inspirers are. Influencers and Inspirers: Ernest Holmes, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Mike Dooley, Joe Dispenza, Paul Selig and many others.

6. Tell us something unique about your biz and why we should tell everyone we know to contact you. As you can tell from my background, I have had healing on my mind. When I was introduced to the Harmonic Egg I thought - what a wonderful way to put all of my skills together with the energy of the Egg to help people heal. I connect with clients on a deep level because I care and often they share very deep and meaningful personal experiences that they are dealing with. They want to be heard and I am the listener, which is so important for healing. When this happens I know people have been led to the Egg and my business specifically.

7. Do you have any words of wisdom you have for others starting in your field or otherwise just starting business? Do what you love and don't let others steer you astray. You have unique gifts and the world is waiting for you to reveal yourself.

8. Where will life take you when COVID restrictions are eased? I am hoping more people will come experience the wonderful relaxation and healing that occurs in the Egg. Personally, I am hoping to travel to see family and friends and give and get hugs and kisses!

9. Tell us how you spend some of your personal time: I have two Golden Retriever rescue dogs that love to help me with my yoga practice. I love to read, learn new skills, share time with friends and binge watch my favorite TV programs.

BONUS!!! We talked with one of Mary's recent clients who wrote a wonderful review:

"As a yoga & meditation teacher, I've experienced many healing modalities and energy work. The harmonic egg was such a soothing, restorative experience for my mind, body and spirit. I could feel the combination of light and sound vibration gently working into my body. The harmonic egg space itself felt contained and a peaceful haven from demands of daily life. We all need a daily reset! I highly recommend it for anyone experiencing fatigue, high stress or in need of healing. Mary is also a kind and loving guide to greet you and support you in customizing your experience so it is best aligned with your energy." - Tisha Lin

Thank you, Mary, for spending time with us. We hope more and more people get to experience the healing and restorative benefits of The Harmonic Egg. What a unique healing environment we have right in our own backyard! We are happy to help you get the word out. Julie and Nick, PinPoint Networking

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